Soundtrack #19-22

Well, I think I owe you an explanation. See, I died. Yup, totally ran out of HP. And you would not believe how long it took to get someone to give me a Revivicine.  Then, after that, I had to think up a lame and obviously-fake excuse for why I hadn’t posted any updates in a while.

Oh, wait, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that part.

Anyway, I have an updated version of “One Thousand Words” for you today:

Plus, two town themes and two boss themes! First, Sylvia’s hometown of Walaron, who has seen times even tougher than what I’ve been dealing with:

And Frost’s chilly hometown of Crystia:

Next up, an updated version of the standard boss theme:

And the theme that plays when you fight one of Antignarot’s unnatural creations:

You might also notice that the game’s logo has updated. The suggestion came from my abstract artist sister. Thanks, abstract artist sister!

Until next time! Which hopefully won’t be another year in the future!

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