Download the Jay’s Journey Double Feature demo

Download version 0.1 here (April 3, 2016)

This demo features two scenes from Jay’s Journey Reimagined and two scenes from Jay’s Journey 2: Worlds Apart.


Graphics are to be considered placeholders. This especially holds true for Atolla and Kanos’s battle sprites.

While Cindel is in a Leaping state, using a mouse cursor to select allied targets can be glitchy (but a keyboard or controller should work fine.) Also applies to Jay using Double Jump.

Ames and Kanos do not yet have their special abilities implemented.


Story and characters: Jason R. Godding.

Programming by: KADOKAWA, Jason R. Godding, Yanfly, Shaz, Bobstah, Yami, Rexal, Galenmereth, Tyler Wright, Victor Sant, Sasuke KANNAZUKI

Art by: KADOKAWA, Sythian Bard, Zinx10, Mon, Indrah, whtdragon, True Clash, Haydeos, Yunary, Yanfly, Derex, Jason R. Godding

Music by: Jason R. Godding, KADOKAWA

Special Thanks: John Kayser, my awesome family