Soundtrack #7 and #8

This is actually an update of a track from the demo. Weirdly, though, I could have sworn there was a fourth word in that title. Well, whatever, I’m certainly not clumsily covering up spoilers or anything. Cindel’s theme, everyone!

And let’s not forget that guy she works with. Ames’s Theme! Yeah, this is his theme! This is his theme song, it’s his theme song!

Soundtrack #1 and #2

I’ve been a bit quiet, I know, but I haven’t had much I’ve wanted to show. So instead I’ll be posting a handful of music tracks. Today, we have the theme songs for the main characters. First of all, Let’s Get Going [Theme of Jay], which you can also hear in various places in the demo:

But then I have a new track that isn’t in the demo (though a few tracks in the demo do make references to it). Here’s Something More [Carol’s Theme]:


Extended Musical Intros

The Variable Mix BGM Manager plugin can be used to switch between two similar-but-different tracks on the fly, but it can be used for some other musical tricks too! In this video, the intro for the Cymore theme keeps looping until the player actually moves into the main town, no matter how long it takes them to do so.

Ferry System

The original Jay’s Journey had a lot of boats, didn’t it? And it charged you a lot of money for most of them. Fret not, there’s a new ferry system in place! Oh, you still get some vehicles later in the game, but they’re given to you as part of the plot, and there are certainly a lot fewer of them.