Jay’s Journey 2: Worlds Apart


At the end of Jay’s journey, the heroes thought they had sealed away the demon Xanabas for good. But a mere six years later, he’s back and stronger than ever! And as Jay ventures off to save the world yet again, something strange happens, dropping him in an unfamiliar forest surrounded by unfamiliar towns where people seem to believe Xanabas has already conquered the world. With two worlds at risk, Jay realizes that his journeys are far from over, and may discover some surprises about his own past…

But it’s not just Jay’s journey this time. While Jay is off adventuring, his allies have their own stories to tell. At various points in the game, you get to pick whose story to follow next! Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. You’ll get to see what everyone’s up to!

That’s right, Jay’s Journey 2 is officially un-canceled and will be included in the double feature with Jay’s Journey Reimagined! You can skip right to the sequel if you played the original, or you can use save data from a completed run of Jay’s Journey Reimagined to unlock extra features, scenes, items, and even bring back some characters from Jay’s Journey who otherwise didn’t make the sequel!