Jay’s Journey Reimagined



When monsters attack Jay’s hometown of Marillo, he and his friend Carol find a talking lion who tells them that the attack was led by a wizard named Antignarot bent on ruling the world! Refusing to stand for this, Jay and Carol join the lion, who claims to have once been a human named Atolla, to stop Antignarot’s ambitions! Leading to a race for magic stones, a cast of quirky characters, monsters that attack randomly, keys that disappear when used, and NPCs that just don’t know when to get out of the way! Or, in other words, a pretty basic RPG. But as they adventure, they discover that Antignarot may not be the biggest threat around…

Back in 2002, I released a parody RPG Maker game called Jay’s Journey. Now, for RPG Maker MV, Jay’s Journey begins anew! I hope that new fans find fun and a few laughs, but even old fans will find new surprises, as this is not quite the same game you remember!

A new, deeper element system makes its way into the game, with random elements for most monsters! Dungeons have puzzles more complex than the flipping-switch puzzles of old! Characters have unique skills! A ferry system obsoletes the system of spending literal boatloads of cash on minor vehicles that will just be lost or rendered obsolete later! And introducing as a playable character for the first time: Jarogo Tecogo!

But that’s not all…