Plugin Shop

I’ve opened a plugin shop on At time of writing, the only plugin is a Soundtrack Manager, an expansion of my Variable Mix plugin from a while back, but more will be added in the future. You can also download the Jay’s Journey Double Feature demo from there now (it’s the same one found here.)

It can be found at

Soundtrack #19-22

Well, I think I owe you an explanation. See, I died. Yup, totally ran out of HP. And you would not believe how long it took to get someone to give me a Revivicine.  Then, after that, I had to think up a lame and obviously-fake excuse for why I hadn’t posted any updates in a while.

Oh, wait, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that part.

Anyway, I have an updated version of “One Thousand Words” for you today:

Plus, two town themes and two boss themes! First, Sylvia’s hometown of Walaron, who has seen times even tougher than what I’ve been dealing with:

And Frost’s chilly hometown of Crystia:

Next up, an updated version of the standard boss theme:

And the theme that plays when you fight one of Antignarot’s unnatural creations:

You might also notice that the game’s logo has updated. The suggestion came from my abstract artist sister. Thanks, abstract artist sister!

Until next time! Which hopefully won’t be another year in the future!

Soundtrack #17 and #18

I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but times have been a bit hectic. I’m still around, though, and have two more tracks to share. First off, give in to consumerism and remember to stand in front of the counter for Business Deals!

And next, watch the ships go by as you while away the hours in Kyro. Introducing: Starboard Authority!

Soundtrack #15 and #16

I meant to post these last week, but… life happened. Anyway, with last week having been the day of fools, what better way to celebrate than theme songs for a couple of fools? Let’s open with he-of-such-sparse-facial-hair-he-may-as-well-have-none, the pirate Thinbeard!

And his counterpart in Jay’s Journey 2 is the witch… sorceress! I said sorceress! *ahem* This lady, Joann.

Uh… wait… who vandalized the video??! I hate it when my own creations turn against me like that…

Soundtrack #13 and #14

How appropriate that it’s winter, as today I have themes for characters with Ice affinities. Fans of the original game may remember Amadeus “Frost” Chilton…

And players of the demo may be familiar with the character, though not necessarily name, of Sylvia Carmicle.

Yes, I know there’s a prominent song from another RPG with a similar title. But Sylvia is an artist who can’t speak, and you know what a picture is worth, right? So the title was far too appropriate to pass up.

Soundtrack #11 and #12

After being busy over the weekend, I thought I’d just let this week go without music tracks. And then I got snowed in and lost that excuse. Okay, dungeon themes then. First of all, we’re renovating the tower alongside this track, Renovations:

And in Jay’s Journey 2, the plot thickens when Jay finds himself Lost in the Woods:

Soundtrack #9 and #10

Jay’s Journey takes him all over his world. True, most of the action will take place in towns, caves, and dungeons of all sorts, but tying it all together will be the world map he’ll have to roam. To that end, Let’s Get Roaming!

But as you go, be careful of strange portals. Wander in and you might find yourself a Long Way From Home…

Soundtrack #7 and #8

This is actually an update of a track from the demo. Weirdly, though, I could have sworn there was a fourth word in that title. Well, whatever, I’m certainly not clumsily covering up spoilers or anything. Cindel’s theme, everyone!

And let’s not forget that guy she works with. Ames’s Theme! Yeah, this is his theme! This is his theme song, it’s his theme song!